Limestone Plaster, fine-textured

Size:1 Gallon

Color Atelier Limestone Plaster is a medium to fine-textured finish, with a matte or slightly polished look, depending on technique.


Product description

Limestone Plaster made with highest quality natural minerals, produces matte-to-low sheen finish (depending on the application).
Achieve smooth, or fine textured natural stone effect on interior surfaces.
Finish creates a timeless multi-toned stone look with subtle, elegant mottling.
Product comes in ready to use, smooth paste, in a curated color palette.
Colors across the products; lime paint, plaster, and tadelakt, will be as close a match as possible, but given the different finishes, textures, and sheen levels, some differences are expected, depending on the colors. Product can be also custom tinted to a desired color. 
Manufactured in USA with highest quality ingredients, and non toxic formula. Hypo allergenic, produces a healthy indoor living environment, LEED point qualified.


1-Gallon will cover approximately 200 sqft in one coat, depending on the application. Recommended application is in two coats. 


Apply Limestone Plaster on level 3+ finished drywall primed with Color Atelier Bonding Primer.

The surface should be clean and cohesive; repair dents, holes, and imperfections.

Mix the product thoroughly before use to ensure consistency. Apply the first coat of Limestone Plaster with a trowel, as evenly as possible avoiding trowel lines and ridges. Apply the second coat after the first coat is completely dry, this coat is where you can create some kind of a troweled texture, if desired. Apply the second coat using slight pressure while applying product with trowel. You may polish the limestone plaster finish to a low satin like sheen, if desired, or leave it matte.

Clear Wax and Sealer are optional topcoats.

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