Size:1 Quart - 32 oz

A versatile topcoat product for protection of the walls, dries clear giving a silky finish.


Color Atelier Clear Wax protects Tadelakt and plaster walls by increasing water and stain resistance. Made using the finest natural bee’s wax. A versatile protective topcoat product gives the walls a silky smooth finish while providing wipe-abilty.

Size: Quart | 32 oz.


- Ideal for all types of finishes that require final protection.

- Can be buffed to a sheen and glossy look, if desired.

- Dries clear, and gives a silky finish.

- No dillution required. Ready to use.

-Wax can be applied periodically for Tadelakt maintenance.

-It can be used on lime painted, and plastered walls, concrete, stucco, wood finishes and furniture as well.


One Quart will cover approximately 80 to 100 sq ft in 1 coat depending on the surface, and application.


No dillution required. Ready to use. Use a steel spatula or stainless steel trowel with the same method as for plaster or stucco. The product can also be applied in the same way as a conventional wax, using a sponge or cloth. Leave to dry for a few hours and then polish with a clean cloth. NOTE: Allow the final coat of lime paint, or the plaster finish to dry at least 2-3 days before applying the wax on top.

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