Lime Plaster, smooth

Color:Stone White

Color Atelier Lime Plaster is a natural mineral-based, fine-grade, smooth finish, for low-to-high sheen, depending on technique.

Our plasters and pigments consist of natural ingredients, and there can be slight variation between batches.

Product description

• Achieve smooth stone and marble-like effects on interior surfaces with timeless, natural plaster.
• Finish shows tonal variations and is smooth to touch, comparable to traditional Italian Venetian plasters but with a more subtle, organic appeal.
•The natural blend of limestone and marble dust and gives this unique, tintable paste product a distinct look with an easy application and polishing ability. Without polishing finish will appear low sheen.
•Product comes in ready to use, smooth paste, and is available in a curated palette of colors. Color matching available. Colors across the products; lime paint, limestone, and tadelakt, will be as close a match as possible, but given the different finishes, textures, and sheen levels, some differences are expected, depending on the colors.
• Applied using a trowel, coating knife, or spatula in successive thin coats to create a luminous, silky finish, making it a perfect fit in both traditional and contemporary settings.
• Manufactured in USA with highest quality natural ingredients, and non toxic formula. Durable and breathable finish. Naturally prevent mold and mildew growth. Hypo allergenic, produces a healthy indoor living environment.


1-Gallon will cover 80 to 120 sqft for two coats; depending on surface and texture.

Quart ≅ 2 lbs

1G ≅ 11 lbs

3.5G ≅ 38 lbs



Apply Lime Plaster on level 4+ finished drywall primed with Color Atelier Mineral Primer (smooth) or Color Atelier Bonding Primer (slightly textured).

The surface should be clean and cohesive; repair dents, holes, and imperfections.

Mix the product thoroughly before use to ensure consistency. Apply Lime Plaster in two or more coats, in successive thin layers, with a trowel, coating knife or spatula, as evenly as possible avoiding lines and ridges. Spread the material evenly maintaining the same thickness across the wall. It may be necessary to scrape or sand any high points
in order to smoothen the first coat. Apply the second coat after the first coat is completely dry. As the finish coat begins to dry up slightly, come back to it with a clean trowel to begin polishing lightly, increase the pressure each time by doing several
passes. Third coat is optional for an extra smoothness or polish. The color variations of the finish is more pronounced with increased burnishing and in darker colors.

Clear Wax and Sealer are optional topcoats.

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