Authentic slaked lime paint that gives a soft patina and matte finish in a beautiful range of colors. Apply it with a lime paint brush in X-strokes or random, multi-directional pattern. Lime Paint is a truly wonderful traditional material that ages beautifully, and will continue to patina years after. See the color palette here.

Size: Q ≅ L

      1G ≅ 4 L

      5G ≅ 19 L

Limewash Paint

    • Brush applied, natural coating that dries to a matte, velvet-like finish. It creates subtle movement and natural color variation. 
    • Interior & Exterior use. Ready-mixed, Pre-tinted, Easy to apply. 
    • It can be applied to drywall, plaster, masonry, brick, stone and previously painted surfaces.
    • Dilutable product, depending on the desired finish it can be applied full strength, or as a glaze. Can be used as a wash to lime woodgrain.
    • A breathable, durable, mold & mildew resistant finish makes it ideal for decoration of new and historical buildings. 
    • Zero VOCs (volatile organic compounds), and virtually odorles
    • Prime with our Matte Primer as needed.
    • In high traffic or high moisture areas, we recommend finishing Lime Paint with Color Atelier Sealers. The sealer will give protection and is easily cleanable.
    • If applied over our Prep Coat or existing smooth plaster walls it can be polished to a shine much like a plaster finish.
    • Manufactured in USA with highest quality natural ingredients, and non-toxic formula. Hypo allergenic, produces a healthy indoor living environment, LEED point qualified.
  • 1 gallon will cover approximately 350 to 400 sq. feet in 1 coat, depending on the surface and application, is usually applied in 2 coats.

Complimentary can opener and stir sticks with every qualifying order.