Wax-Sealer, Liquid


Wax-based liquid sealer, 2-in-1, versatile, and durable for Tadelakt wet area use, as well as lime paints and plasters.


Color Atelier Wax-Sealer is a liquid beeswax sealer that is a versatile, durable, clear, protective topcoat, suitable for Tadelakt and lime paint and plaster finishes. It provides the ultimate protection, giving the surfaces a silky feel. Wax-Sealer is designed to protect the plaster walls by increasing stain resistance and wipeability, without affecting the color, and maintains unchanged the troweled effect. It gives a very low sheen naturally, and can be polished to a higher sheen, if desired.

Size: Quart, and 1 Gallon


- Durable on wet areas

- Versatile wax-based sealer

- Clear Finish

- Fast Drying

- Easy Application

- Prevents dust from settling and staining the surfaces

- Can be diluted according to use


One Quart will cover approximately 100 to 150 sq ft in one coat, undilluted.


Simply apply it with a flat tip, box brush -same brush used for lime paints- in a random or multi-direction method in thin layers, and brush it on section by section, back wipe any excess and rub in softly using a circular motion with a lint free cloth. One or two coats of sealer are recommended depending on the area, and the application. Allow the sealer to dry completely in between coats. The process is simple and quick, do not overwork it, and make sure to apply it thin, avoid thick coats. You can dilute the product with water if needed. NOTE: Allow the final coat of tadelakt, lime plaster or lime paint surfaces to dry/ cure at least for 2-3 days before applying the sealer on top.

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