Tadelakt, an ancient lime plaster finish, dates back to Romans, originated in Morocco. For millennia, Tadelakt has been appreciated for its beauty, and function. Color Atelier Tadelakt is made in the U.S., considered for the type of substrates we typically encounter in modern construction. At Color Atelier, we practice contemporary application techniques with trowels instead of stones, also seal the Tadelakt finish with beeswax sealers, as opposed to soaps in the old times.

Tadelakt Shower Plaster

    • Tadelakt is designed for use in wet areas like showers, tub surrounds, and backsplashes. It can also be used for decorative dry area applications, and outdoors.
    • Color Atelier Tadelakt produces a seamless, smooth and silky finish with subtle movements, and a luxurious feel. It is very durable, breathable, low maintenance, and water resistant.
    • Product requires the addition of only clean water for mixing. It will provide excellent bond to any properly prepared porous substrate, interior or exterior. 
    • Tadelakt color palette is available now.  Mineral pigments are pre-blended into the formula. The product can also be custom tinted with dry mineral pigments or colorants.
    • Made in the USA with highest quality natural ingredients. Formulated with hydraulic minerals, aged lime, marble dust, and mineral pigments. Naturally resistant to mold, mildew, and fungus. Tadelakt not only offers a beautiful finish, but it also helps to provide a healthy living environment.
    • See the product spec. sheet here. Tadelakt in wet areas requires a certain level of expertise, and knowledge, contact us for further information.

Complimentary can opener and stir sticks with every qualifying order.