Pre-view color palette is available now. New colors will be added soon.

Tadelakt is a traditional Moroccan plastering technique. For centuries Tadelakt has been appreciated for its beauty, and function. It is a naturally elegant alternative for showers and bathrooms, for an organic, tactile look, with no seams, or grout lines. 

Size: 30 lbs. 

Tadelakt Shower Plaster

    • Tadelakt is designed for use in wet areas like showers, tub surrounds, and backsplashes. It is very durable, breathable, low maintenance, and water resistant.
    • Tadelakt can also be used for decorative dry area applications. Finish has a smooth and slightly shiny appearance with a subtle movement, and luxurious feel.
    • Product requires the addition of only clean water for mixing. It will provide excellent bond to any properly prepared porous substrate, interior or exterior. 
    • Pre-view color palette is available now. New colors will be added soon.
    • lt can also be custom tinted with colorants or dry pigments. Select white for lighter color variations, and grey for darker colors.
    • Sealing and/ or waxing is necessary for surfaces in direct contact with water. 
    • Made in the USA with highest quality natural ingredients. Formulated with hydraulic minerals, aged lime, and marble dust. Naturally resistant to mold, mildew, and fungus.
  • 30 lbs. will cover approximately 180 sq ft in 1 coat. 2 to 3 coats are necessary for application.

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