What is Lime Paint?

Lime Paint has been around for thousands of years.

It is a truly wonderful traditional material that ages beautifully, and will continue to patina

years after. Color Atelier Lime Paint is made with traditional European techniques, using the finest,

most sustainable ingredients, composed of hydrated aged lime and zero VOC pigments.

It creates subtle movements with natural color variations on interior and exterior surfaces.


What are the advantages of using Lime Paint?

Lime Paint is simply the healthiest paint finish you can buy. 

Traditional Lime Paint is free of solvents, and toxic chemicals.

It is composed of all natural materials,and mineral pigments.

It bonds to a substrate through a natural process resulting in a durable, breathable coating. 

Lime’s high pH makes it a mold and mildew resistant finish.

It also means that microorganisms can’t survive, which adds an hypoallergenic quality.

Lime Paint is also known for removing toxins, odors and harmful CO2 from interior air

thus improving interior air quality. It is non-flammable, and free of odor and VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

Color Atelier Lime Paint is a natural mineral based paint, you can use it safely in areas with your children and pets.


Where can I use Lime Paint?

Color Atelier Lime Paint’s unique durable formulation allows for both interior and exterior use. It can be used anywhere in the house, including the bathroom and the kitchen, even on furniture, is also used as a wash to lime woodgrain. 


What kind of surfaces can you apply Lime Paint on, and how durable is it?

Lime Paint can be applied on smooth, semi-smooth, or rough surfaces. It is more durable than latex paint- 50 years vs. 10 years.

How is Lime Paint applied?

Color Atelier Lime Paint is very user friendly and it is so simple to apply it by yourself. Apply 2 coats of Lime Paint using a lime paint brush in X-strokes or random, multi-directional pattern. Ideally allow Lime Paint to dry overnight between coats. The unique nature of the Lime paint creates subtle movements and color nuances. To obtain this attractive appearance, you don’t need to use any special techniques. There is no need to apply two colors over one another or to use other difficult application techniques. The lime will create the effect in a natural way.


What kind of coverage would I get from your Lime Paint?

One gallon will cover approximately 200 square feet in two coats, depending on the surface and application. Due to density of rich pigments in our products, they achieve very good coverage. Also note that Color Atelier Lime Paint is a dilutable product. Depending on the desired finish it can be applied as a full strength, or a glaze. Can be used as a wash to lime woodgrain.


Do I need to prime the walls before I apply your Lime Paint? 

Not always. Color Atelier Lime Paint can be applied directly over plaster surfaces, bricks, cement, stucco or walls smoothed out with joint compound. Bare or previously painted surfaces can be primed with our Matte Lime Primer to help achieve a more consistent appearance and uniform absorption of Lime Paint on your walls.


Do I need to seal the Lime Painted surface?

In high traffic areas, for a wipeable surface we recommend using Color Atelier Sealers, Matte or Low-Sheen. Especially in bathrooms and kitchens, Color Atelier Sealer should be applied over Lime Paint as a protective topcoat, for allowing the surface to resist marking and staining.

How easy is it to touch-up the damaged lime painted walls (dings, chips, stains,  etc.) ?

Touch ups can be easily done by re-coating the damaged area with Color Atelier Lime Paint in the same color. Lime paint will blend right in with your brush strokes on your previously lime painted walls. If you have stains on your walls, first you should try cleaning it up with soapy warm water as much as you can, then touch it up with lime paint over it. This should take care off the stains.


Can you paint the lime painted walls with regular latex paint later on, if needed?

Yes, you can use latex paints directly on top of Color Atelier Lime Painted walls, without any special preparation.  

What colors does Lime Paint come in?

Color Atelier Lime Paint comes in a curated palette of 60 pre-mixed colors. It can also be tinted to any color with zero VOC pigments or universal tints. Color Natural is our untinted version of Lime Paint.


Do you create custom colors?

Yes, we do. If you have a color that works better with your project we are happy to create that custom color for you. Please contact us for custom color inquiries.

Can I polish (burnish) your Lime Paint to a shine like a plaster finish?

Yes, if our Lime Paint is applied over our Prep Coat it can be polished to a shine much like a plaster finish. You can polish with using an extra fine sanding sponge, and or a clean, lint free cloth, lightly polish the surface in circular motions. For a more polished look use a “burnishing trowel”, move across the surface with a half circle motion while applying pressure. On textured surfaces, it can not be polished, Lime Paint provides a matte, suede-like finish instead.

To polish, we recommend applying two coats of Lime Paint over two coats of Color Atelier Prep Coat. Prep Coat has excellent adhesion and leveling properties, is designed to use for smoothing out the walls or creating texture. “Polishing” or “Burnishing” will warm up the color of the Lime Paint, create more movement and add sheen when viewed at an angle. Walls will have a beautiful glow to them.

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