Authentic slaked lime paint that gives a softly textured appearance and matte finish in a beautiful range of colors. Bonds to the surface through a natural process resulting in a durable, breathable coating.

APPLICATION: Can be applied to drywall, plaster, masonry, brick, stone and previously painted surfaces. The lime paint comes in a ready-mixed form, it only requires good stirring before use, preferably with an electric paddle mixer. It is typically applied in two coats using a block brush with multi-directional strokes. Ideally allow lime paint to dry 12 hours or more in between coats. 

Prime with Color Atelier Mineral Primer as needed.

In high moisture or high traffic areas, we recommend finishing the Lime Paint with Color Atelier Sealers. The sealer will give protection and is easily cleanable.

If applied over an existing smooth plaster wall that is absorbent, it can be polished to a shine much like a plaster finish.

A truly wonderful traditional material that ages beautifully, and will continue to patina years after.

COVERAGE: 1 gallon covers approximately 400 sq ft in 1 coat, depending on the surface and application, is usually applied in 2 coats.


  • Interior & Exterior use. Ready-mixed, Pre-tinted, Easy to apply. 
  • Matte, velvety finish with subtle movements and natural color variations.
  • A breathable, durable, mold & mildew resistant finish makes it ideal for decoration of new and historical buildings. 
  • Zero VOCs (volatile organic compounds), and virtually odorless.
  • Dilutable product, depending on the desired finish, on surfaces like bricks, stones, concrete etc.; adding water will achieve a more translucent finish for a softer washed look. Can be used as a wash to lime woodgrain.
  • Will not crack or peel from UV light & acid rain.
  • Superior light refraction & luminosity.
  • Manufactured in USA with highest quality natural ingredients, and non-toxic formula. Hypo allergenic, produces a healthy indoor living environment, LEED point qualified.