4-Ounce Sample Jar


4-ounce sample jars are available in our Limewash Paint color palette.

  • By sampling a color, you will get the most accurate sense of how the color will actually look in your space.
  • These sample jars are also great for small craft and decor projects.
  • Ideal for doing touch-ups on the previously finished surfaces.
  • All sample jars come in the standard 100% color strength.
  • Contents 118 mL | 4 ounce


For sampling your limewash paint colors, please stir/mix the jars very well, as a natural product settling happens in the bottom of the containers.  For the gallon sizes, using an electric paddle mixer is quick and efficient. However for the jars, it would be helpful to pour the contents together into a bowl or a paint tray, and stir well. Once the consistency is smooth again, it’s good to go.

The product is typically applied in two coats using a block brush with multi-directional strokes.  If you sample on your actual wall, it might be necessary to prime, prior to starting your project. On some absorbent surfaces, it may not be possible to remove the paint. Sampling on boards, or watercolor papers would be a good idea, rather than painting it onto the actual wall.

Shipping Information

Orders typically ship in 1-4 business days. Shipping charges vary depending on your zip code and weight of your orders and will be calculated at checkout.

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