Shower Plaster

Color Atelier Paint’s Safe and Non Toxic Paint

Color Atelier is your leading supplier of both shower plaster and non toxic paint. No matter what painting project you are about to start, you’ll find that the lime paints available at Color Atelier are the perfect choice.

Lime paint is safe and naturally non toxic. By containing only natural compounds, this paint is a great choice for applications that have to take possible toxic interactions more seriously. You don’t want to risk your next project with any kind of toxic exposure.

When you look for non toxic paint, you want to look for the natural paints provided by Color Atelier. These paints are made using traditional, time tested techniques and they are the best way to start your painting project without any toxic chemicals. If you want to finish your painting project, Color Atelier has you covered with a variety of top coats that all contain low VOCs. No matter what your painting project is, Color Atelier has a paint for you!

Color Atelier is also a provider of shower plaster. When it comes time to design your shower for your new build or your remodel, you should consider shower plaster. This plaster is made from natural materials that can provide a water resistant barrier without the need for multiple coats of toxic chemicals. By being a natural great choice for showers, this opens up the potential of what you can design!

With Color Atelier’s shower plaster, you aren't limited to the standard bathroom designs you’ve seen a thousand times. Plaster gives you the freedom to design your bathroom any way you choose. You can use the plaster to make sure you have your dream bathroom and never again have to worry about fitting standard fixtures around your design!


If you are looking for non toxic paint or industry leading plasters, get in touch with Color Atelier today.