Base coat your walls to a smooth or textured finish. Mineral-based, tintable, ready to use paste product can also be a stand-alone finish. For interior, non-wet applications.

Prep Coat

    • Color Atelier Prep Base Coat is created for use with lime paint, plasters, topcoats, and waxes. It has excellent adhesion and leveling properties. It is primarily used as a base coat of plaster finish but can also be a stand-alone finish.
    • This tintable, premium quality base coat product is designed to use for smoothing out the surface or creating texture, on interior walls and ceilings.
    • Create a medium to fine texture with a matte or polished finish. Apply one or two coats of Prep Coat with a trowel, or a roller depending on the desired texture to achieve. 
    • Prep Coat helps achieve a more consistent appearance and uniform absorption of the finish coat. It can be used over previously painted or plastered surfaces, contains marble aggregates, and easy to handle due to its open time.
    • Manufactured in USA with highest quality ingredients, and non toxic formula.
  • One gallon will cover approximately 100 sq. ft. in 1 coat, depending on porosity of surface.

Complimentary can opener and stir sticks with every qualifying order.