Olivier is demonstrating Tadelakt techniques.

We find the workshops extremely helpful for gaining hands on experience with specialty products, and practicing new techniques.

At our showroom in San Francisco, California, we occasionally host workshops, and practice wide array of finishes with applicators from any experience level- advanced or beginner.

We had the pleasure of hosting the wonderful crew of Segreto Finishes from Houston, Texas, and Andy Robinson of Stucco & Stucco from U.K. in the past months. Andy Robinson is a highly skilled plaster artisan, as well as an instructor, and a supplier of decorative finishes, and plasters based in U.K.

It is Frank from Segreto Finishes's turn. Always with a hawk at one hand and trowel on the other.

Segreto Finishes is based in Texas with a staff of over 40 artisans, has become a premier finish design firm with work featured in many publications. Leslie Sinclair started Segreto Finishes in 1995, and built a strong reputation of creating beautiful handcrafted finishes with her skilled team. Leslie writes the awarded blog, Segreto Secrets, about interiors, art and finishes, also she has written four coffee table design books.

Please feel free to contact us to find out more and attend our workshops.

Email us at hello@coloratelierpaint. com

or call us at 415-926-8652

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