A room's color is the foundation of any great design style whether it's warm, cool, neutral, or bold.

Picking through the endless, overwhelming colors in your local home improvement store, it's easy to feel lost. Our Lime Paint comes in a curated palette of pre-mixed colors each with hand-crafted depth and texture. Once you decide to go with lime paint rather than the synthetic products- yay! :) We then believe that we make it easy for you to decide which color to choose from our 30 designer-curated colors.

For a subtle and soothing look; You can choose to stay within the same shade and use a monochromatic approach such as select a variety of shades of blue for subtle color that tends to be soothing. This tends to look good in a bathroom or a bedroom if you want the feeling of calmness. Just choose your favorite color and overlap the shades. For example, select a darker color for the wall and then another in the same color scheme but different shade and slightly lighter for the trim. Your curtains, towels or bedding as well as accessories such as candles can be varying shades within the same scheme.

For an elegant look; Neutral colors offer elegance and flexibility within a room. Neutral colors are no longer simply white or beige. You can turn a simple living room into one of elegance by selecting varying shades of neutral colors such as almond walls with red toned browns on the trim. You can also add splashes of color throughout the room with a color throw, pillow or vase carefully placed to offset the subtle neutral tones in the room. Don’t be afraid to add texture to your accessories. Neutral colors allow you more flexibility in quickly changing the feel to a room. You can easily change the feel of a neutral room by adding different colored accessories or painting the trim a new color. You can choose either lighter or deeper neutral colors and vary the look of the room. Remember, the lighter color you go, the more spacious the room will appear.

For a vibrant look; There's something alluring about a room that's bursting with color. From a classic orange and blue living room to a striking red dining area, these are more than enough contributors to go bold and vibrant once and for all. For example; choose two colors next to each other on the color wheel for a visual contrast as one will stand out from the other. We suggest vibrant colors and their respective shades such as oranges and gold.

You can select black and red for a real stand out contrast.

Natural light effect; Believe it or not, natural light has the biggest impact on how color translates on your wall. It's important to remember that in a store, you're likely looking at a paint chip under a display lit unlike the light sources in your home. Take that same paint chip home and it could look totally different. By sampling the color with our sample jars, you will get the most accurate sense of how the color will actually look in your space.

Love the colors you live in; Most importantly we truly believe that the way to select the perfect colors for your walls is by loving, and embracing them. Colors can have an influence on how we feel and act. So let's make the best out of it.

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