We are thrilled to play a role in this year's wonderful Decorator Showcase House in San Francisco.

The annual Decorator Showcase is an event benefitting the financial aid program of San Francisco University High School. Showcase has taken place at some of the most prestigious addresses in the most breathtaking neighborhoods of San Francisco since 1977. Some of the city’s (and beyond) best decorators and designers display their amazing skills and unique aesthetics in this showcase.

This year the showcase offers a virtual tour. Visit San Francisco Decorator Showcase to purchase a virtual tour which includes access to a Video Walk-through Tour, 3D Interactive Tours, and exclusive Designer Interviews.

Color Atelier is honored to collaborate with Chroma on a stunningly designed space that is full of rich tones and mood..

Color Atelier Lime Paint in a fabulous teal like color- which soon to be added to our palette - is seen here on the walls and trims. The ceiling design is achieved with a stenciled base coat of plaster relief and polished lime paint on top.

We absolutely love the design by Chroma and every singe detail they tastefully curated in this gorgeous space called "The Sundown Lounge".

Walls, ceiling and trims are primed throughly with our Matte Primer, followed by 2 coats of Lime Paint applied with a Lime Paint Brush. Result is a matte finish with subtle movements and velvet like feel. Ceiling design consists of unique patterns, achieved with distinct plaster relief techniques with our Base Coat Plaster, custom tinted, with the use of bespoke stencils, and polished lime paint on top. Result is a rich finish, multi-tonal palette, with a different range of sheen, and finish texture.

All trims received a coat of Matte Sealer as a protective topcoat, on top of the Lime Paint.

These thoughtful mix of uniquely inspired pieces by Chroma are shoppable. To shop, go to Chroma's website.

Chroma is donating a portion of their proceeds to benefit the Financial Aid program at the San Francisco University High School.

Photography is by Sam Frost Studio

Styling by Yedda Morison