The place where we spend time with family, eat meals, and sleep is a special place. Whether you're planning a remodel or just tidying up, incorporate natural products into your life at home. Choosing natural products over synthetic ones is easy!

You can paint without fumes, and toxic chemicals, and make your home beautiful and safe for your family and your pets.

We believe in the beauty and power of natural, honest, and authentic materials, and techniques. Our mission is to help people to rediscover the beauty of natural paints and plasters by creating artisanal products that respect and sustain our natural world.

Our lime paint and all our mineral based plasters are made from natural ingredients which is very different from being a conventional low or zero VOC paint-which just means it is made from plastics but with one toxic part removed leaving all the rest.

We make our paints and plasters with lime, clay, marble dust, sand, and other minerals here in the U.S.A. Our local supply chain and distribution channels have the lowest possible environmental impact. These beautiful and durable finishes are earth friendly in production and application.

We hope to inspire you with the beauty of finest U.S. made natural paints and plasters.