At Color Atelier, we believe in the beauty and power of pure, honest, and authentic materials, and techniques. Our paints and plasters are natural mineral based, made with lime, clay, marble dust, sand, and beautiful natural pigments. Which is different from being a conventional low or zero VOC acrylic paint. These mineral-based paints and plasters  are absorbed into the wall allowing the walls to breathe unlike acrylic plastic paints and products.

Our production is just 20 miles outside of our San Francisco showroom.

Our local supply chain and distribution channels have the lowest possible environmental impact. These beautiful and durable finishes are earth friendly in production and application. 

Lime Paint is simply the healthiest paint finish you can buy.

It is free of solvents, and toxic chemicals. You can paint without fumes, wash-up and disposal is safe. Lime’s high pH makes it a mold and mildew resistant finish, it also means that microorganisms can’t survive, which adds an hypoallergenic quality. It is known for removing toxins, odors and harmful CO2 from interior air thus improving interior air quality. 


The natural composition of our lime plasters restores health to interiors and exteriors, while their timeless finishes add unmatched aesthetic value to every style; from traditional to contemporary.